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Outlaw Queen Appreciation WeekDay 6: Favorite Song(s) You Relate to Them

To love and lose and love again
Like seasons come and go
It’s what hearts are made for
It’s all we need to know
"Simone’s Song," Stana Katic

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OQ Appreciation Week ♥︎ day 7: anything you want

 Outlaw Queen vs Seana

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Sean: I thought I was gonna get killed, so I was kinda happy a new script arrived and I wasn’t dead! When I saw Maid Marian was coming back, to be honest - this sounds terrible, but I was really disappointed. And the reason I was disappointed is because I really love playing opposite Lana and we have a lot of fun together and I thought maybe next season, I’m not gonna get to play with my friend every day.

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his last vow [x]

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You can take away my suits, you can take away my home, but there’s one thing you can never take away from me: I am Iron Man.

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get to know me meme |  favorite female characters

↳ Max Black (2 Broke Girls)

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Outlaw Queen + sexual tension

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And I’ve got your heart.

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